What is your definition of love?

We have all heard the word “love” before in our life time whether it be from your family or significant other, but what is its meaning? To some it means the greatest emotion that anyone could possibly share with someone and to others it’s just a word used in conversations. To get a better understanding of what this word means I asked people with just one question, “What does the word “LOVE” mean to you?”.

“love means that you have something worth holding onto and you would rather have it than be without it” – Laken Wellner

“To me the word love means having a deep affection towards an individual. When someone is in love they have a certain feeling that they have never felt before, what someone might call “butterflies”. Love is important not just for a partner but for family and friends. Love is so strong that it is a bond that almost cannot be unbroken. Love is hard to really define depending on who you talk to, but when you feel love, cherish it and share it!” – Hailey Conger

“Unconditional support, always there to listen, and someone to snuggle the sadness away” -Destiny Lauseng

“Love means to me a purpose to find someone to love and care for you. I believe it’s different than loving a family member in my opinion. Love is just something people wanna say they feel or can feel for someone but it takes time to finally realize what love is and some people do take it for granted”. -Azeneth Sifuentes

“Love to me means fulfillment. It means that someone or something makes you feel fulfilled and happy.” -Haley Jacobsen

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I noticed that with most of the answers I received was that love is a strong word and has a lot of power to it. I will have to agree with Hailey Conger that love IS hard to define. I know that what I feel for my family is defiantly love, but outside of that I’m completely lost. We’ve all heard the line that people use when they break-up with someone, “I need to love myself first”, which is true. You should always love yourself first before you are able to love another. If you are unable to say you love yourself in every way then how are you capable of giving all the love to your partner that they deserve.

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.” – The Notebook

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Many take the word love for granted. They can say it to someone without actually putting in the emotion that fills the word’s meaning. It is almost like an empty promise. Just the box but without the gift inside. I’ve learned that sometimes people mistaken love for lust. Sometimes we feel lonely and in need of having someone there. Someone to talk to or spend a couple minutes snuggling. That’s were love and lust get confused with. Not saying I’m a doctor or anything like that it’s just a simple observation I’ve seen.

Now to me the definition of love is a feeling inside that no one else can ever understand. It’s something to reason why we act so irrational sometimes. Why we protect our family even if they do things that you don’t agree with or simply annoying towards you. Love is what makes all of us human. Without it we would be heartless robots walking around the earth. Love is what made us because without it God would have never have given us a second chance to prove ourselves worthy of him. Love is so strong that God had given his only son for ALL of us. For a word with only four letters it can shift the world.

“Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” – I Corinthians 13:4

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When You Can’t Get it Right

We’ve all had those relationships where we felt completely in love. Like no one else mattered like our first kiss or that first real love. In the end though we get our hearts broken or ,as sad as it sounds, lose interest. High school is the time where we are suppose to mess up and learn from our mistakes. It’s where we take our first steps into the world of heart break. Sure, people love to fantasize about the kind of love you see in the romance movies, but the truth is not everything is perfect. There isn’t going to be that mysteriously handsome boy waiting for you beside his sweet looking ride or that blonde ,blue eyed, jock doing something just to impress you. It never works out like that in the real world. Instead we get boys that do stupid things and wonder if they are still a five year old. Not to bash all the guys in the world, I’m sure there are good ones, but so far I haven’t ran into any or any that have actually wanted to talk to me.

I must be doing something wrong if after four relationships I still don’t feel like any are the ones for me. My first boyfriend was the sweetest guy, yeah, sure he had his moments when he would get mad, but he was never a bad guy. The only thing that pushed us apart was the fact that there was no real spark. The kind of spark people say they have when that special person just touches their skin or when they see them walk through the door. It’s that fluttery feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you want to jump for joy just at the sight of them.

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My second go at the whole romance thing ended in him getting to controlling and clingy. Which now I have figured out I don’t do so well when I don’t get to have time to myself. My parents never like him in the first place either so they also had a hand in him being no more. After him came the next one which I rather not even claim him as being my boyfriend, but I guess I should at least mention him. Lets just say he was into things I was defiantly not willing to deal with. Now this bring us to my more current one. At first I saw him as the most perfect person in the world. We spent almost every day together the month before school came into session. I was so happy that month that I thought he would defiantly be the one. That I had finally found my soulmate and just on my last year of high school. Well it did’t seem to last long. After a few months went by we started to spend less time together. Then every time we would talk one of us would get mad at something. He almost started to sound controlling and I wasn’t going to have that. So I’ll just leave it at that about him.

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I have come to a realization now that I am almost done with my senior year of high school. It’s that I have just been with these boys because they were test runs of what I need. Not to sound like I used them or sound cliche, but they were lessons. One taught me how to love, another taught me to be patient, and one taught me to be strong. High school is nothing like in the movies but it sure beats being boring and predictable. I’ve got the rest of my life to learn and to find someone who is my other half. There will always going to be bumps along the way but I know for a fact that it will not be impossible to get back up. I will always have someone to make me feel strong, whether it’s my parents, best friend, or even siblings. Maybe one day I’ll finally get it right.

Author: Madison Stout